GHG Emissions and Water Usage

GHG (or CO2-equivalent) emissions and water usage are two major contributors to climate change and environmental degradation. Packaged goods can produce immense amounts of GHG emissions and use tonnes of fresh, clean water. Yet most consumers do not have a good sense of how much emissions and water usage is produced by the goods they buy. Even less so, consumers cannot tell the difference in environmental degradation between similar brands of the same product. This allows producers to use more water and emit more GHGs without consequences because they are otherwise not held accountable.

What do we Propose?

We are calling on the federal government to legislate new labelling requirements for all packaged goods. These requirements are similar to nutrition facts on food products. Accurate labels on products provide more complete information to the consumer enabling them to make environmentally friendly choices when buying new goods. This is likely to reduce water usage and CO2 emissions because consumers will purchase brands that use less and force producers to cut emissions and water usage to compete. 

We understand this will impose new, albeit small costs on producers, but similar to nutrition facts, government agencies can provide a guide to assist producers in creating these labels to be consistent with regulations but without overbearing costs. They can also help to standardize practices so the cost tracking emissions and water usage will decline. Lastly, there should be a reasonable phase-in period to allow producers enough time to ensure their labelling is accurate and meets regulations.

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Time to Act

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