Our campaigns focus on tangible and achievable change. A national action plan for drug (ab)use is achievable. With the recent legalization of cannabis, new studies about medical use of psychedelics, and the ongoing opioid epidemic, action should have been taken yesterday. But it is not too late.

Why a National Action Plan for Drug (Ab)use?

  1. Harm Reduction

  2. Justice

  3. Reducing the Black Market

  4. Government Revenues

The historical war on drugs has yielded only prison sentences, increased drug supply, and neglect of real mental health issues and addiction. Legalizing illicit drugs allows the focus to be shifted from police enforcement to health treatment and prevention. There will no longer be arrests for non-violent crimes of possession, which disproportionately affect minorities. This means the eventual reduction of the black market. While not an overnight event, this is an important step to reducing organized crime and violence. Lastly, this can provide added revenues for the government, allowing it to more easily achieve a balanced budget or divert the funds to other beneficial programs. 

You can read our working policy document here.

What is the Plan?

  1. Develop the Policy

  2. Build Public Support

  3. Pressure Elected Officials

  4. Pool Resources

  5. Campaign for Adoption by Parties

We have developed a comprehensive policy document that can be viewed in the above link. It demonstrates a realistic path towards realization in national parliament. Our goal now is to gather public support for such a policy. Through persuasive use of social media and sharing by our supporters we can get public opinion on our side. Next, we are circulating a petition and submitting letters to elected officials to demonstrate the widespread support for electoral reform. We are also working with like-minded organizations to pool resources, amplifying our voice and influence. Lastly, our campaign is targeting key electoral districts that could increase the likelihood of adoption by political parties and could decide the outcome of the election.

How to take action?

  1. Call your MPP

  2. Join a Political Party and Call them to Action

  3. Sign our Petition

  4. Support our Cause

We could use all the help we can get. Want to help out?

The first thing you can do is sign up for our newsletter. This is our primary form of direct communication with our supporters. We coordinate calls to action on MPPs for the strongest effect. If you aren't already a member of a political party, you can join one today and become a voice from the inside calling for a national action plan for drug (ab)use. When we circulate petitions be sure to sign it, the more that do, the more persuasive our calls to action are and this includes are letters to officials. Lastly, if you can, support our cause directly. A one-time $10 donation makes you member for life and we are also always looking for volunteers.