Electoral Reform

Our Campaigns focus on tangible and achievable change. Electoral reform in Ontario is just that. We are targeting the 2022 election, but we need to start now if we are going to make an impact. Join us in our campaign today and we can make a difference, together.

What do we Propose?

For Our Future advocates for Regional-list Proportional Representation. This is an innovative, but straight-forward, fair, and more democratic system, which Canadians deserve. This system would:

  • Ensure proportionality (vote share equals seat share)

  • Expand voting rights to nomination elections

  • Maintain regional representation

  • Allow separate voting for both candidates and parties

  • Make all votes count (no more wasted votes)

  • Improve representation of women and minority communities in elected politics

  • Decrease political polarization

Why Ontario?

While electoral reform is needed across Canada, the next Ontario election presents an opportune moment. As we emerge from this pandemic we are reflecting on what Ontario should look like and the Conservative Party is not offering the right solutions. Instead, the NDP always propose electoral reform and should be persuaded into adopting RLPR specifically. Moreover, the Liberal Party is rebuilding and are more likely now than ever to adopt electoral reform into their platform. To achieve this, we need individuals like you to sign on so these politicians and political elite see the power in numbers. 

What is our Plan?

We have developed an electoral system that is backed by a comprehensive campaign with a realistic path towards adoption by either the NDP or Liberal Party. Public Support. The first step is to gather public support for our policy. Through social media and sharing by our supporters we can get public opinion on our side. Demanding Change. Once we have enough support we will contact elected officials and party insiders to demand adoption. Simultaneously, we are working with like-minded organizations to pool resources, amplifying our voice and influence. Being Strategic. Lastly, our campaign is targeting key electoral districts that could increase the likelihood of adoption by political parties and could decide the outcome of the election.

Sign the Petition

How to make a Difference?

Petition. The first thing you can do is sign our petition. Change needs many voices behind one message. Support. Sign up for our newsletter and share our content with your friends. Continued support makes a movement last and not simply a fad. Engage. We will be holding Days of Action where you can call your MPP or Liberal/NDP candidate for change. When politicians start getting repeated calls they take issues serious. If you aren't already a member of a political party, you can join one today and become a voice from the inside calling for action. Donate. Lastly, if you can, support our cause directly. A one-time $10 donation makes you member for life and we are also always looking for volunteers.