Want to make a difference in Quebec City? We have provided a number of resources below for you to use to make a difference in your community.

First: Contact your councillor. Second: Contact your mayor. Third: Share this, and recruit friends and family to repeat steps one and two.

FIRST: Contact your Councillor.

Use the following template if you are ensure of what to say:


Subject: Demanding Action on Comprehensive Police Reform


Dear Councillor [last name of councillor],

My name is [name] and I live at [address] in your ward.

The recent Black Lives Matter have demonstrated the popular anguish against the undeniable evidence of racism, police brutality, and injustices prosecuted against marginalized communities in Quebec City. This is not recent nor is it temporary, but it is systemic and will not cease until tangible action is taken.

I am asking for you to create and/or support motion to defund the police and take comprehensive police and justice reform. If you do not act, I am committed to using my vote in the next municipal election to ensure that there is real change.

[Add personal arguments/anecdotes for defunding the police here]


We must move forward together as a city to deescalate the violence that affects our most vulnerable.


As your constituent, I demand a response from your office. My number is [phone] and my email is [email].


With respect,


SECOND: Contact your Mayor.



THIRD: Share this, and Recruit Others to do Steps 1 & 2. 

  • Brainstorm 5-10 people, whether it be family, friends, or neighbours. Approach them to call and email their councillor using this page.

  • It only takes 5 minutes to call and email.

  • Post the link of this webpage in your Facebook group, mailing list, WhatsApp, Twitter, group chats, or wherever you organize and communicate.