Hamilton to Review Police Funding

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The police services board in Hamilton agreed to review its spending this week and potentially cut its expenditures by 20%. There has been mounting pressure by Hamiltonians asking for reallocation of the police funds to help underfunded social services.

This would result in more than $34 million dollars for social services including health care, mental health, jobs and affordable housing. There have also been calls for use of body cameras.

One of the councillors who supports the review, Maureen Wilson, said, "Over the past number of decades, we have seen a dramatic increase in police budgets that have exceeded all other parts of the city's operating budget...This has had the effect of starving services and programs that are better equipped to deal with many of the real needs of Hamilton residents. It has also had the effect of criminalizing public health conditions and early intervention programs."

If you live in Hamilton, support this review, and real action to be taken, you can contact your respective councillor here.