News Alert: Quebec's proposed electoral reforms would give regions more power

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Credit: Quebec's premier's office

Quebec is set to offer a Mixed-Member Proportional system to its voters.

The new system would give rural areas more clout, while the island of Montreal would lose three seats. There would still be same number of ridings. 80 MNAs would be elected by majority vote. The remaining 40 MNAs would be chosen from regional lists, proportionally.

The new system is meant to strike a balance. Sonia LeBel, the CAQ minister responsible for electoral reform, said "it's to make sure that everybody is well represented," "Ultimately, this is not Montreal against the rest of Quebec. It's to make sure that we have more accurate representations of all the thoughts and philosophies at the [National Assembly]."

This legislation, bill 39 requires voters to approve the plan in a referendum likely to coincide with the next provincial election in 2022.

This is a step in the right direction, but a mixed-member system does not fully represent voters, only a proportional representation system can. If this bill does pass a referendum, it will show Canadians that reform is possible. We will campaign for the next reform to be fully proportional though.

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