News Alert: Some federal Greens and New Democrats are pushing for a temporary alliance to get PR

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Credit: CBC News

NDP and Green Party members are advocating for a one-time strategic alliance. The strategy is to prevent the progressive vote from being split.

Wayne Stetski, a former NDP MP who was defeated in 2019, said "It ends up coming down to how strategic do you want to be and how important are those two objectives — climate change and proportional representation," he said. "Are you willing to put aside those differences to focus on those two larger objectives?

If the movement gains traction before the next federal election, the NDP and the Greens may collaborate in 100 key ridings. New Democrats would run in 50 and Greens would run in 50.

"We would have more power to force the hand of a minority government to adopt electoral reform," Haddad told Radio-Canada in French.